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Here is the article written about our new club as it appeared in the Fisher View:


Fisher CUSD#1 Teachers Secure Illinois Education Association Grant for Students

The local Fisher Education Association has been notified that they will be in receipt of monies for a grant program called "Schools and Community Outreach by Educators" or SCORE.  The Fisher High School student body will receive one thousand dollars from the Illinois Education Association.  The Illinois Education Association created the grant to encourage students to get involved in their communities by identifying service projects that they could get involved in,  and ultimately make a difference in their respective towns.

Under the leadership of the local Fisher Educational Association, the students have formed a volunteer club (Bunnies Volunteer Club) in anticipation of the awarded monies.  The students plan to use the grant to create awareness of volunteer opportunities within the Fisher community.  As needs in the community arise, the Bunnies Volunteer Club will assess the need, ask community leaders how they could be helpful, and then recruit a student work force to complete the task.

The local Fisher Education Association is delighted to pass the grant onto their students and supervise the Bunnies Volunteer Club, as well.  The local FEA would like to sincerely thank building and district administration for supporting the teachers' efforts to apply for the grant and create the student volunteer club.