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Abraham Lincoln Award

Illinois' High School Readers' Choice Award--Master List 2017


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Rebecca Caudill Young Readers' Book Award

4th through 8th Grade--Master List 2017


Book trailers for this year's list




Free help for writing bibliographies


Google Books


Internet Archive


Project Gutenberg


Daily Lit


Baen Free Library










Our new E-magazine app, Zinio, is here!

Use Zinio to check out and read E-magazines. 25 titles are available to you. See Mrs. Friedlein for the Key code to get started!


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Fisher Jr/Sr High School students and the Fisher staff can now use Ebooks, through the Illinois Heartland Library System consortium and the 3M Cloud Library. See the link to the left to get started. You must have previously activated your Share account, not have any late books or fines, and have downloaded the app to gain access. You will also need your library barcode number and you will need your Share website password which we set up previously. If you have any problems at all with using ebooks or any questions, please see Mrs. Friedlein for help or email Mrs. Friedlein at


Polaris and the Share website

You can access your portion of the Share website at (See link at left.) Check on due dates, fines, your reading record and place and watch the status of holds!


Finding free e-books

You can find and read books for free on the Internet. Most will be classics, out of copyright books, or books whose authors have agreed to let them be available to the public. Try one of the following sites if you need to read something different to read.

Google Books

Using the link on the left will take you to the Advanced book search for this website. (This is not Google Play, for which you need an account.) Change the search button to Full view only from the All books setting. Change the language to English. You can fill in any other blanks as you wish, but I would change just one per search. I found Frankenstein, and Persuasion by Jane Austen (one of my favorites!) You can read it there, but I was also able to download one to my Google Play account and interact with it there. You will need to create an account to do that, however Google Play gives you more functions for reading your book.

Internet Archive

Go right past the green button that invites you to borrow a book. Almost all of the books that button links to are behind a pay wall (Our library does not subscribe to Overdrive.) Instead scroll down to the Sub-collections. I used the Children's library, which also had reading for teens, and found several good options for classic books such as the Wizard of Oz series by L. Frank Baum, which I recommend.

Project Gutenberg

This can also be found in the sub-collections page on the Internet Archive, or use the link to the left. Searches can be done using the left side of the page. Ignore the ads on the right side.

Daily Lit

You can sign up to have about 15 minutes worth of reading sent you your email every day. A fun alternative to downloading a whole book. You will need to create an account. See the link on the left.

Also has classics. Use the search tools on the left to find a title that appeals to you. Has a recommended and popular search, which I really like. I found The Art of War by Sun Tzu and the Adventures of Sherlock Holmes.

Baen Free Library

This site has current science fiction and fantasy fiction published by Baen Books. Almost all are written for adults, but there is a young adults tab on the side. This will take you to a list which has a lot of pay titles, but also some free ones. Not a lot of choices, but a good bet for a sci-fi and fantasy fan.


Look for authors, such as Cory Doctorow, who believe in the freedom of information and put their books on the Internet for free reading. His book Little Brother is excellent (we have it in the print version in the library.) And you can read the websites of your favorite authors to see what they are writing.